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Coaches and Adults 18 Years or older+ who want to participate/ volunteer must complete/submit MYSA Adult Registration. <-- Click here)

Mass Youth Soccer age group info is at ) - Prelinmary Age Group info


 Spring 2024 Team Information Table   <-(click here)


Spring 2024 Travel Game Schedule




Travel Coaches,

  • If you schedule a make up game, we only have the fields till 8pm (M-F), so please try to schedule them to start by 6pm.
    • If you need to play a game that is going to end later than 8, please contact me as I'll need to check with the city if this is ok. 
  • If you need a weekend time, please discuss options with away coach & then contact me so I can review/advise on what's available & get ok from the city to make sure we don't run into any scheduling conflicts as the city has been renting out the fields to other groups
  • To provide a place for coaches to check on schedules with regards to makeup games and practices affected, below are the schedules generated as of 4-16-2024. 
    • If you have a scheduled make up game, please review the attached files and confirm it is there. 
    • If it is not listed, please send me an email me at, so I can get the posted schedule updated.
    • Any time a game is rescheduled coaches need to check these schedules and advise if something needs to be updated.
    • This will help all coaches affected that have practices affected by the make-up games.
  • Coaches will need to reference these files weekly to ensure they are not suprised/impacted by any make-up games scheduled.


WYSL Field Schedule as of 5-28-24 (Farber, Glodis, & Green Hill)

** Above Schedule will only be updated once a week on Tuesdays


FARBER-GLODIS Open Field Schedule as of 5-14-24


We only have 8 weeks. 

Will be pushing for even numbered groups for D1/D2 MTOC eligible teams for scheduling

  • MTOC Eligible teams
    • Must start 4/6 and complete by 6/2 (8 weekends for games)
  • Non-MTOC Eligible teams
    • Start by 4/6 and complete by 6/16

Jan 31st: Teams need to be in SportsConnect

Feb 15th: Initial Spring Insurance filing should be done with MA Youth

Feb 20th: Appeals hearing on team placements (Zoom or Google Meets meeting)

Mar 5th: Scheduling has started

Mar 10th: Last day to Order WYSL Uniforms to get in time for 1st game

Mar 16th:  Coaches & Town Rep meeting; Referee meeting

  • Location Pakachoag Chruch
    • Coaches:  1:00 – 2:30
    • Referees: 3:00 – 4:30

Apr 6th & 7th : First game for Gr3/4, Gr5/6 Gr7/8, Grades (9,10) & (11, 12 +PG)

April 13th – 21st:  Front/Back end of School Vacation

  • Games will be scheduled across these 2 weekends
  • These games are NOT considered school related events for postponement/rescheduling purposes

May 12th: Roster freeze Date

  • All MTOC teams need to be at their age group number of players
  • No players can be added after this date on MTOC eligible teams
    • Even if you lose players to injury or COVID
    • This is a state rule, not a CMYSL rule

May 18th:  U12 Gaffney Cup Tournament for u12 d3 teams

May 25th & 26th:  Memorial Day Weekend – No games

  • Games can be played on Memorial Day weekend, if both teams agree
    • Securing a referee WILL be an issue

June 2nd: Last game for all MTOC eligible games to be played

June 5th: Playoff Alignment -Posted

  • First games on June 8th unless a tie breaker is needed
    • Tie breakers are on Thursday night June 6th
  • Need to be alert for last day of school if we have lots of snow days

June 8th:  U14 Gaffney Cup Tournament for u14 d3 teams

June 8th : Last season game for U10, U12 D3, U14 D3

June 8th & 9th; 15th & 16th: Playoffs for MTOC

June 21st  - June 23rd: MTOC in Lancaster


Fall 2024 Travel Season Dates/Information

Saturday games:

  • U10, U12, U14

Sunday games:

  • HS – 7v7 or 11v11  (If applicable)

(If we have an Odd # of teams in a division/flight; means that I need to plan for additional weeks for games)

Key dates:

July 10th: Teams need to be in SportsConnect

Aug 1st: Initial Fall Insurance filing should be done with MA Youth

Aug 4th: Add /Drop team cutoff

  • Field Setup/Restrictions – Must be in SportsConnect
    • Any unique instances, like homecoming at a school field, please email to ensure field closure
  • Payment made to CMYSL for team, assignor, and referee fees

Aug 7th: Scheduling started

Aug 10th: CMYSL Registrars start team approval process

  • Coaches CORI, Concussion, and SafeSport status should be complete
  • Players and Coaches pictures should be complete
  • Player(s) without waiver will not be accepted till waiver is granted

Aug 24th or 25th: Fall Coaches Kickoff meeting

  • Will be a virtual meeting (conducted via zoom or google meeting)

Aug 31st: Labor Day Weekend – No games

Sep 7th: First games on Saturday

Sep 30th: Final Fall Insurance filing should be done with MA Youth

Oct 12th & 13th: Columbus Day – No regularly scheduled games

  • Games can be played on Columbus Day (If both teams agree)

Nov 9th:  Last weekend for pre-scheduled games


  • Weekend of 11/30 or 12/7



  3. MYSA Adult Registration Documents
  4. MYSA Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Documents
  5. Helpful Coach Info
  6. Worcester Field Information
  7. Coach and player communications


WYSL Travel Fields


Name,  Address - directions (if fields are closed it will be announced at the top of this page)

 Green Hill Upper-Level Grass Field - U10 (Grades 3/4)

              - Address -->  42 Officer Manny Familia Wy, Worcester, MA 01605  <-- Click here for directions.

Farber Field Turf Field – U12 (Grades 5/6)

              - Address -->  90 Camelot Drive, Worcester, MA 01602  <-- Click here for directions.

Glodis Field Turf Field – U14 (Grades 7/8)

             -  Address -->  211 Providence St, Worcester, MA 01607  <-- Click here for directions.


US SOCCER Policy on Heading

Per MAYS & MYSA Heading is not allowed in U12 or lowerey Stadium, 305 Chandler St, Worcester, MA 01602 - Click herefor directions.

WYSL Travel League Updates

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