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Board Meeting Schedule
The Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of every Month from 7:00-9:00 pm.

Meetings are open to all and we are always in need of new ideas, new energy, and folks willing to lend a hand to help make the League run better for ALL of us.


Please send an email to admin@wysl.org regarding meeting location.  Thank you.

Contact Info

Worcester Youth Soccer League

PO Box 20763

Worcester, MA 01602

Phone: (508) 475-5155

(Please Note: Our phones are monitored on a weekly basis)


League Officials

League Officials

President Jon Jalbert president@wysl.org
Vice President Lyne McDonagh vicepres@wysl.org
Treasurer Tina Masiello treasurer@wysl.org
Clerk Ryan Daley clerk@wysl.org
Registrar Larissa Murphy registrar@wysl.org
League Directors

League Directors

Director of TOPS Program                                 Steven Davis                           tops@wysl.org 
Director of Operations                                  Tim Jubinville                 operations@wysl.org
Director of Administration & Communications                            DeJongh "Dee" Wells                       admin@wysl.org
Director of Coaching & Player Development                                          OPEN                    coach-pd@wysl.org
Director of Referees                                  John Loftus                      referees@wysl.org
Director of Travel                                      Jim Soto                           travel@wysl.org
Director of Recreation                              Paula Hamann                    recreation@wysl.org
League Agents

League Agents

Coach Representative Ed Tarnuzzer coachrep@wysl.org
Parent Representative Lynn Kania parentrep@wysl.org
Community Representative DeJongh "Dee" Wells communityrep@wysl.org
All Board of Director positions are voted on at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 3rd week in October.

Nominations for open positions must be turned into the League President by midnight, at least one week prior to AGM. They need to be in writing and email is acceptable. Please send emails to the following address:

Nominees are encouraged to be in attendence at the AGM so that they can be introduced to the members prior to the election.
Election Schedule

The following positions are up for election in EVEN number years (last year, e.g. 2010)

and serve 2 year terms beginning the following January (i.e., Jan. 1, 2011):

Director of Operations
Director of Referees
TOPS Director
Recreation Director

The following positions are up for election in ODD number years (this year, e.g. 2011)

and serve 2 year terms beginning the following January (i.e., Jan. 1, 2012):

Vice President
Travel Director
Director of Coach and Player Development
Director of Administration and Communications

The following positions are elected annually:

Parent Representatives (1)
Community Representatives (1)
Coach Representative (1)